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Allison is my name. I'm a psychology major. I'm a lesbian, and am happily in love with the greatest woman on the earth. She treats me better than I've ever dreamed anyone would. Been together for well over a year now, and I wake up every morning with her wrapped in my arms. I know I'm the luckiest woman on this planet. School is hard, and so if life. Things don't always work out the way they should and you pick yourself up and start over. Don't forget to love life when you do.

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if i was famous id probably just ask my fans to buy me food when im hungry 

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#let’s play guess the endgame one more time 

Okay you know what I was just gonna reblog this and say nothing but you know what, I’m pissed off and you wanna know why?

Ted is a Nice Guy. I don’t mean a nice man, no. I mean the motherfucking “Nice Guy” who moans and complains about how women just won’t flock to him and be exactly who he expects of them. He knew from the beginning Robin wanted to focus on her career before marriage. He knew from the beginning she didn’t want kids. She rejected him time after time before they dated the first time. She rejected him time after time after that, for nine goddamn fucking years. His refusal to stop pursuing her, and accept she did not fucking love her, destroyed his relationship with Victoria TWICE. He is the whiny high school teenager bitching because the popular girl he obsesses over just isn’t into him. He is the goddamn Nice Guy, the kind whose every action, every so-called kind deed is done purely out of trying to get Robin to date him.

Robin motherfucking Scherbatsky was an independent woman who not only relied on herself, but expected the men she wanted to be with to be independent and rely on himself, as well. She was career-minded and strong and independent and self-reliant. Those were the traits that doomed her and Ted.

In this gifset we see that Ted did not respect Robin for who she was. He didn’t want her to be self-reliant—he wanted her to rely on him. He’s like so many men out there, so many Nice Guys. Baby, let me take care of you while you put me before everything else, You’re too independent, Robin. I need you to need me, I need you to rely on me. The reason they didn’t work out was because they both wanted and needed different things in relationships, and that’s okay—what isn’t okay is that instead of accepting that, Ted blames her. Tells her that SHE is the reason why they broke up, and something about her is WRONG. He insults her, tells her that her fundamental personality is wrong, and that she is why their relationship failed; that they they just aren’t compatible, no; because she is broken.

She is so upset at this she goes to another ex. He’s the Jerk, you know; the guy who all the Nice Guys in the world call The Asshole. And you know what? You know what this Asshole does? He comforts her, he compliments her. He tells her that those traits, teh traits she’s been belittled and taunted over, the traits that make her broken, the reason why She Can’t Find A Man, are what make her wonderful. Barney loved her for her insecurities, and he supported her independence. He supported her self-reliance. In one scene, this Asshole prove to be far more accepting and mature than the so-called Nice Guy.

So who do she end up with?


I really don’t give a shit to reblog it again.

I have never seen something more true than this.

I want to read that comment into a megaphone in front of the CBS studio because it is just so so so important.To me, these two scenes are the precise reason why the endgame made no sense.


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Internet friends. Better than the ones you have in real life.

this is too accurate

I hug each and every one of you through my phone right now.

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Reblog this image to congratulate ‘The Talk’ star Sara Gilbert and rock musician Linda Perry, who got engaged this week!


Reblog this image to congratulate ‘The Talk’ star Sara Gilbert and rock musician Linda Perry, who got engaged this week!

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Lesbian Couple Gets Engaged After Afghanistan Homecoming

Breakdown of the engagement from Reddit:

Me: “I’m shaking, and you’re shaking!” Her: “I know!” -couple spins, hugs, kisses…I can literally feel her heartbeat…- Me: “It is so good to see you, to touch you!” Her: “So, I have a question for you..” Me: “Of course babe, wha-…” Her: drops to one knee “Will you marry me?” Me: “YES!”

Click here to read more on this heartwarming story.

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I’m so excited I can now marry my lovely girlfriend in our home state of Pennsylvania!

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